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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School


Ukraine Fundraiser - 28th March 

Go Blue for the Loo – 8th June

We are very excited to announce that we are going to be holding a fundraising day on Tuesday 8th June called “Go Blue for the Loo”.

Children can come to school wearing as much, or as little, blue as they would like: clothing, accessories, hair etc. and donate £1 or more for our chosen charity ‘Toilet Twinning’.

By donating to twin a toilet, we will help fund a project in a poor community that will enable families to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives. For every £60 that we raise we will twin with one toilet. The charity will send us a certificate for each toilet which we will hang in the children’s toilets as a reminder. They will also send us the GPS coordinates so that we can look up the twin toilet’s location.

This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference globally, and for our children to deepen their understanding of what it means to have access to Article 24 from the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Our School Ambassadors will be asking the children to vote on which country we would like to twin our toilets with and the children will be learning more about how this links to our school’s Christian values and the ‘Rights of a Child’ in the coming weeks.


If you would like to find out more about the charity you can do so here:

Below are some of the posters that our lovely children have created, to educate the wider community about our fundraising event, as well as the importance of ensuring that we help all children around the world have access to Article 24.