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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School

What is the impact of Geography at All Saints'?

Growing Stronger Together in God's Love

Our geography curriculum is designed to create opportunities for children to think critically. We encourage our children to use their core, factual knowledge to develop their own perceptions and feelings of a place, whilst taking on board other views through empathic understanding of cultural contexts and others’ perspectives. The assessment of our geographical work is through geographical criteria that reinforces key vocabulary.  For example, through skilled questioning techniques, peer assessment, discussions and children’s explanations of an enquiry question or problem-solving exercise. Our continuing CPD, based on lesson observations and skills audits, ensures that our teachers are up-to-date and confident providers of high quality geography teaching. Carefully planned progression grids in skills and fieldwork experiences ensure scope, sequence and progression in our curriculum.

In order to demonstrate achievement in geography, pupils at All Saints’ Primary School should:

  • Be able to apply their contextual knowledge  of locations, places and geographical features to their understanding of processes and interactions, how the human and physical world interact.
  • Develop competent skills of enquiry, collection and evaluation of data, and communication of geographical information that develops a strong sense of place.
  • Develop strong graphicacy skills through reading widely and often, being able to interpret a range of images, to ‘look’ and not just ‘see’.
  • Show fluency in their learning by developing a deep body of knowledge that they will carry to their next class, year group, key stage and transfer into secondary school.
  • Demonstrate range and accuracy of their investigative skills, for example, by UKS2, formulating their own enquiry questions and working with more complex information.
  • Present themselves as responsible, respectful and active citizens, who are tolerant and celebratory of difference and ready to play their part.