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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School

Our Rights Respecting School Ambassadors

Eva – Year 1

Hello, my name is Eva and I am 5. My class is St Paul. I wanted to be an ambassador because I care about my class and want to keep them safe at school. I love singing and my favourite song is ‘Shake it Off’, by Taylor Swift. I also love riding my bike.

Theo – Year 2

Hi, I am Theo and I am in Year 2. I make good choices and I like sports and exercise. I wanted to be an ambassador because I can help the school raise money for people.

Miyah – Year 3

Hello, my name is Miyah and I am seven years old. I wanted to be an ambassador, because I care for my class. I like to read and my favourite show is ‘Stranger Things’. My favourite game to play is ‘Adopt Me’.


Kara-May – Year 3

Hello, my name is Kara-May and my class is called St Mark. I am seven years old and I like playing with my friends in the playground and doing my work neatly in class. I love PE with the coach and I wanted to be a school ambassador because I am kind, helpful, smart and love the school.


Aiden – Year 4

My name is Aiden and I’m in Year 4. My favourite colour is blue and I like cooking cake, pancakes, muffins, and my favourite is jam doughnuts. I like sports like football and basketball, but I think I like baseball and cricket better. I wanted to be a Rights Respecting School Ambassador because I can make the school a better place to be, with the help of the other ambassadors.

Noah – Year 4

Hello, my name is Noah and I am 8 years old. My class is St Richard Class and I am proud to be representing them as the class ambassador. I like to be caring and helpful and I also like to be respectful and aware of other people’s rights. I wanted to be the class ambassador, because I can stop arguments and help to make situations right. I can also make sure that people’s rights are being respected. That’s why I am proud to be an ambassador.

Elias – Year 5

I am Elias. I am 9 years old and my teacher is Miss Magnus. Thank you for allowing me to be the ambassador, because I like helping the school and helping people. My best sport is football.

Blossom – Year 5

Hi, my name is Blossom and I am 9 years old. My favourite sports are ice skating and horse riding. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Miss Southward. My favourite hobby is cooking. I wanted to be an ambassador because I think I can make the school an even better place. Thank you for voting for me.

Phoebe – Year 6

I’m Phoebe and I am 11 years old. My teacher is Miss Colthurst and I wanted to be an ambassador because I represent and respect my class. Thank you to Year 6 for voting me in.