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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School


Growing Stronger Together in God's Love

At All Saints’ C of E Primary School, we value the importance of music and its place within our broad and balanced curriculum. It is our children’s right to be able to share and express their individual creativity, independence, resilience, and self-reflection. We are aware of the benefits of learning and practising music for children: helping their social skills, releasing stress, developing coordination and motor skills, increasing self-esteem, encouraging creativity, building confidence and language development. The National Curriculum is our starting point, and we have developed a clear progression pathway, so that lesson by lesson our children are building the knowledge and skills they need through our bespoke music curriculum.

It is our intent that every pupil is a musician, developing as a performer, singer and composer; with the ability to listen and to critically analyse music. We want children to have a natural sense of wonder and curiosity when studying a wide variety of music. We empower children to discover great musicians that will enable them to explore their own and others' cultural heritages, as well as the connections between music and the different cultures around the world. We give the children the time and space to explore new themes, new sensations, and ways to be creative, without the need to be perfect, and encourage them to remember that we focus on the process and not just the end result. High quality music teaching is our goal, making sure that there is clear progression throughout, ensuring a standard use of vocabulary being explicit in the musical knowledge and skills pupils will learn by the end of Key Stage 2.

At All Saints’, we believe that the process takes precedence over the product. We want our children to see the enjoyment and satisfaction in the process of producing and participating in creating and making music. It is through the children’s personalised experience of music at All Saints’, that we enable the children to feel safe, secure, and happy, to produce their most creative work.