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Handy Tips For Supporting Pupils With Spellings

  • Use the lists below to practise the tricky spellings regularly.
  • Revisit spellings from previous weeks.
  • Ask your child to explain the rule for the week and get them to give you example words so that you can build up a word bank that can be referred to frequently.
  • When your child is writing a spelling, remind them to use their dots and dashes and ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell.
  • Encourage your child to edit their own writing for misspelt words using the sounds chart (to the right) to choose the right grapheme.
  • Log high frequency words which you notice your child is spelling wrong
  • Play homophone games where you give them a word like right/write and they write you both spellings and show you on the sounds chart which graphemes they would choose to spell them right! Make sure they know which one is which!
  • Play hold a sentence dictation where you give the child a short sentence with one of their spellings in which will help them to understand the meaning of the word and spell and punctuate correctly
  • Encourage your child to read-when we read, we see words spelt correctly. The more we read, the more words we see.


Accessing resources at home

Please take some time to read the Extra Practice Zone information booklet pdf below