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  • Odd Sock Day starts Anti-Bullying Week 2020

    Published 16/11/20

    ‘Odd Socks Day’, on Monday 16th November, is a part of national Anti-Bullying Week, with the theme this year being, ‘United Against Bullying’. At All Saints’, we believe in a positive and celebratory approach to learning about friendships, differences and community. Bullying in all its forms will be included and discussed at age appropriate levels across all year groups. The children will be thinking about a range of topics around the theme of ‘community, differences and similarities’  from discussions in Nursery around what makes us special and unique, to Year 6 discussing what ‘normal’ means and how being different can affect a person’s life. We strongly encourage and nurture empathy, respect and compassion throughout each topic covered. Throughout the week, the children will learn that bullying occurs when it is Several Times On Purpose and can be both direct and indirect. All children will be reassured that bullying is not welcome or tolerated at our school and that there are many people they can turn to for help if needed.

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  • Year 1 Topic Day: A Traditional Street Party

    Published 12/11/20

    The children made an amazing effort dressing up and enjoyed making cucumber sandwiches too! Please have a look at the photo album of the day here!

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  • Remembrance Day 2020

    Published 11/11/20

    The children have been learning about Remembrance Day this week and would like to share some of their work they have created remembering those who lost their lives while fighting for our Freedom. 

    Year 6's art objective had a focus on hatching and cross hatching, a skill they continued in their Remembrance Art.



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  • Year 5 Topic Day - Vikings!

    Published 11/11/20

    The children enjoyed coming to school as Vikings and making Viking helmets, swords and shields. All the students had a fun filled day.

    Year 5 has gone on a fascinating journey back in time as they find out about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England and how England became a unified country. They will explore where the AngloSaxons and Vikings came from, how they fought for territory and power, and how their fighting ultimately led to the kingdom of England we know today. Along the way, they will also find out what life was like for everyday people living in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain, exploring things such as Viking runes and Anglo-Saxon stories like Beowulf. 

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  • All Saints' Open Day Tours October/November 2020

    Published 30/09/20

    If you want to attend one of in person tours, due to Covid restrictions these will happen after School this year in small groups. Please contact the School Office on or 020 8540-3004  option 3

    6th October 4pm at Hanover Road FULL

    12th October 4pm at Hanover Road

    19th October 4pm at Hanover Road

    13th November 4pm at Hanover Road

    We have created a virtual tour of 'All Saints,' so that families who have not had a chance to attend one of our open days this year can still get a feel for our school.

    To find out more about why All Saints' is a Top 10 Merton Primary School - have a look at our Results or read about wat it is like in our Nursery or Reception.

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  • Welcome to All Saints' Virtual Tour!

    Published 30/04/20

    Have you just got a place for your child to start at All Saints' in September but not had a chance to visit the school yet? We have created a virtual tour of 'All Saints,' so that families who have not had a chance to attend one of our open days this year can still get a feel for our school.

    If you would like to find out more about our results and why we are a Top Ten Merton Primary School you can view them here.

    If your child is due to start Reception with us in September, you can find out more about Reception here, including 'a day in the life of a Reception child' here too.

    If your child is due to start Nursery with us in September, you can find out more about Nursery here, including 'a day in the life of a Nursery child' here too.

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  • Rollapaluza - Making keep fit fun!

    Published 27/02/20

    On Monday, the Year 6 children were lucky enough to participate in a fun fitness event called Rollapaluza.

    It involved them racing over a distance of 250m on exercise bikes, against a partner, to see who could achieve the quickest time. As you can see from the photos, the children had a ball and it was nice to see them excited about fitness and enjoying a little bit of friendly competition. :)

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  • Bigfoot Cyberbullying Workshop

    Published 03/02/20

    'Year 6 recently participated in a cyber bullying workshop. The focus of the workshop was on understanding what empathy is, and how we can show empathy towards others in our every day lives - including during our interactions with other people online. The students used drama to help them explore this concept. We were all so proud of their maturity and engagement when learning about such an important life skill.'

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  • The children Raised over £600 to help the devastation from Bushfires in Australia!

    Published 30/01/20

    Bushfires in Australia have ravaged at least 4 million hectares of land. This has included the loss of over 500 million animals and wildlife (and it is going to continue to rise) and at least 8000 koalas in NSW alone (1/3 of their current population!).

    As a result of learning and understanding about how devastating the fires are, the children in our school asked what they could do to help. We were absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm from all the children in our school, demonstrating our Christian values of compassion.

    On Wednesday the 29th of January, we held a whole school mufti day, amongst other activities. For the mufti day  the children came in Australian colours (green/gold, or as a famous Australian or Australian animal). We raised money to go to the charity Wires Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation, who support in the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife.

    The children made Australian coloured homemade slime, Aboriginal Art, sang Australian Songs, held a raffle and a cake sale to raise money. They raised over £600! which we are really proud of.
    View the photo gallery from the day here



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  • Very Proud 2nd Place on the Leader Board for Refspect Award Achievements!

    Published 30/01/20

    We are very proud of our All Saints’ children as they are 2nd place in the Leader Board of the REFSPECT Award for all Merton Primary schools! Awarded at Sports Tournaments for showing good sportsmanship! This shows the top 15 schools!

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  • Proudly Winning 3 Refspect Awards this Term!

    Published 12/12/19

    Year 5/6 boys proudly winning the Refspect award at the Football Tournament. This is the 3rd Refspect Award for good sportsmanship All Saints' children have won this term, having won it for the Netball Tournament and the Multi sports Tournaments in November too.

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  • Open Day Wednesday 13th November at 9:30am

    Published 30/10/19

    Looking to apply for a nursery or primary school place for 2020 where your child can happily learn through play? Come and visit All Saints' and find out more about our outstanding early years setting. Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 9:30am

    Please register your interest by calling the School on 020 8540 3004 or email us on If you can't make this date we will try to arrange a suitable time for you to come and visit us.

    You can find out more information about our Nursery or Reception including reading about a 'day in a life of a Nursery or Reception child.' You can also print out 'An overview on Nursery and Reception.'

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