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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School

Dignity and Respect

Our school's Christian vision creates an environment that actively embraces difference, and we are well-known in the Local Authority, and by our families, as being truly inclusive of all children, no matter their background or ability. Children flourish here and are all valued as one of God's children.  Relationships are key and we have an open door policy to parents and family members who visit and talk to us often. We know that as our role model, Jesus embodies the love and compassion of God for each and every person, this influences and shapes all of our policies, ensuring they reflect our inclusive vision and values. We actively seek to reduce and remove any barrier that might limit life chances. Children with special needs are welcomed and well-supported here and make good progress along the way; working, valued and journeying alongside others beautifully as God intended. 

We recognise that within the context of our school there is a large ethnic minority, therefore we are committed to raising awareness of equality for all, where assumptions are challenged. As well as educating children about not judging someone by their appearance; accepting self and others; understanding influences; understanding bullying; problem-solving and identifying how special and unique everyone is and that they have the right to live the fullness of the life that God intends. Consistent exploration of difference across the curriculum helps children learn to respond in a kind and equal way to everyone, regardless of shape, size, age, physical and mental ability, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, language and cultural background. It also helps them develop a sense of self and an interest in their role in the wider world.

The children feel safe to express their views, and as recognised in our Ofsted inspection, that they do this without fear of being made fun of. The culture of mutual respect is evident and tangible. The school adopts an approach of ‘Quality First Teaching’ to provide an inclusive environment for all. We also have a dedicated SENCo, as well as a Nurture and Behaviour lead teacher and dedicated teaching assistant in school, who oversee the needs of children who need extra support to improve their learning well-being and mental health. This is further supported by the school’s investment in professional therapists and counsellors who work with some of our most vulnerable children and their families. All Saints' offers a very strong, coherent and progressive Relationships and Sex Education programme, shaped by our vision, to ensure all children are supported in their future lives in creating and sustaining healthy relationships.