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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School

Sign up for After School Activities Clubs

Time is running out to sign up for the Summer Term After School Activities Clubs!

  1. Science Club for Years 1-3 - Full - waiting List in place
  2. Gardening Club available for Years 1- 6

    Run by our Early Years leader Mrs Mlinaric, each week in Gardening Club we will be working together to dig over a vegetable patch and planting a selection of different vegetables. We will be sowing giant sunflowers and having a sunflower competition to see whose grows the tallest. We will planting lots of flowers such as lavender to attract bees and making our own bird feeders. By the end of the club we will be able to identify different gardening equipment and will know how it is used. We will be able to identify some weeds and vegetables and hopefully, in a few months we will be able to try our produce!' 

  3. Messy play a really fun club for Reception children. This club offers children the chance to learn through sensory play, explore different textures and develop creative learning skills all whilst having a great time! Each week they will have fun learning with bubbles, water, paints, cornflour, foam and much more!The children will wear aprons for this club, although you may want to send in an old oversized tshirt too as the name suggests, things can get very messy!

  4. Dodgeball Yr 4,5,6 This club will be run by our P.E. Coordinator Miss Colhurst.‚Äč Dodegball is one of the most popular sports out there! Its fast paced game, a great workout and teaches fantastic hand eye coordination. The aim of the game is to eliminate all players from the opposing team by hitting them with a soft ball below the shoulders whilst trying to avoid being hit yourself! It is a really fun and inclusive game for any child who may not have done a sports club before but wants to give it a go.

  5. Football club Years 4,5,6

  6. Sports club Years 1,2,3 - Each week the children will play a variety of fun sports games to test their hand eye coordination, ball skills and general fitness. Over the weeks the children will cover a range of sports from tennis to athletics.

  7. Art club Years 4,5,6 This term we are giving KS2 a chance to join our fantastic art club run by school art teacher Mr Osborn. For all your little Matisses, Van Goghs, and Picassos out there, This is a perfect after school class for your child to explore their creativity!  The children will look at different artists and the tools and techniques they used. Each week the children will expand on skills they are learning in school using different materials to produce pieces of art.