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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School

We are really going to miss this school and we’ll treasure the memories forever!

Miss Clarke was very touched when 4 of her Year 6 class  (Jessica, Alex, Abilash and Esther) wrote this lovely piece about their memories of their time at All Saints' Primary School.  We would love to wish all our Year 6 Leavers all the best for their transition into secondary school in September and we are proud of the achievements they have made.


Our journey throughout All Saints' has been really exciting. We have been on many educational adventures and have made many new friends- All Saints' has become like a second family to us!

Coming to Nursery for the very first time was an exciting and nerve-racking experience for all of us. We were really shy at first, but then we got to know the teachers and our class.

In Reception, we had a lot of fun learning through play. Our teachers were very understanding when we got things wrong and step by step they helped us learn how to read and write. Near the end of the year, the whole school went to the beach and had such a fun day!

Next was Year 1, when lots of new people joined, and we met our new teacher called Miss Lander. During our life in Year 1, we started to learn our timetables and we’ve got to tell you... it was pretty tough!

During Year 2, we moved up to Haydon’s road where we learnt about the rain forest and London. Near the end of Year 2, we had to do Key Stage 1 SATS. The test were really hard, but we all passed and we were prepared to enter into Key Stage 2...

We were really happy when we finally moved up to Key Stage 2. We did many mind-blowing lessons, like learning about the Tudors and going to the Natural History Museum. At the museum, we saw the dinosaur exhibit, which was really fun and we also saw a robot T-Rex that acted like it was alive- Year 3 was a really fun year!

Year 4 was a really interesting year. We got to learn about tennis, which was a great sports skill to have and we even visited the Wimbledon stadium, where we had our own personal tour around the tennis courts. The most exciting part though was having swimming lessons as one of our P.E. curriculum.

Year 5 was a great experience because we went on a week- long trip to an incredibly exciting residential called Kingswood. At Kingswood, we had lots of fun activities all around the place. In addition, we learnt about the Anglo-Saxons which was really fascinating because they lived a lot differently than what we live today.

Lastly, Year 6 … this was our most exciting year ever! We did lots of incredible things like going to Kew Gardens and much more! It has been a sad year because we are leaving All Saints' and moving to secondary school. All the teachers have helped us to pass our SATS which we are really grateful for.

We are really going to miss this school and we’ll treasure the memories forever.

By Jessica, Alex, Abilash and Esther (Year 6 Leavers 2017)