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All Saints' Church of England Primary School

All Saints' C of E Primary School


Teaching Children to have Confidence in Maths
Maths at All Saints’ Primary School follows the principles of how maths is taught in Singapore and is aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum for England.

Through our highly interactive style of teaching, we aim for each child to gain a real sense of enjoyment and confidence in this subject.

In their daily mathematics lessons children are given the opportunity to work as a class, in groups, in pairs and individually.

Recently we invited our Parents to come into the school to understand more about how we teach Maths at All Saints' and how Parents can support and help their children with their Maths. If you wee unable to make it you can also download below a coy of our 'Parent Presentation.'

 The Singapore Method of Teaching Maths at All Saint' Primary School

Teaching Children to Problem Solve

Fundamental learning in maths is achieved through problem solving activities where the children are encouraged to explain their reasoning and explore creative ways of finding solutions.  As well as installing a sense of creativity in maths, whilst seeking solutions and alternative solutions, transferable skills of perseverance and resilience are nurtured and developed making children excellent learners across the curriculum.

Teaching Children to use Concrete, Pictorial and Abstact Representations
Mathematical fluency is dependent on a child’s ability to reason using mathematical language and problem solve by applying calculation strategies. We encourage children to reason and show their thinking through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. Materials such as objects and apparatus can be manipulated to demonstrate thinking in a concrete way. Pictorial representations such as images, drawings or bar models show a developing understanding of mathematical concepts. Finally, abstract methods reflect a deep understanding and involve using formal mathematical representations such as signs and symbols and formal written methods to calculate.

Challenges are provided through rich and complex problems, whilst support is given through consolidation of understanding before moving on.

Teaching Children Mental Maths 

Calculate the 4 Operations; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

Mental maths sessions provide the opportunity to develop the ability to calculate the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) without the use of paper and pencil or calculators. Each session focuses on a particular method and explains why the method is the most efficient choice. There is also an element of mental maths in each daily maths lesson, including the practise and application of times tables. Children are constantly praised and encouraged when applying mental maths, which is why as a school we believe strongly in support at home with times table practise through games and songs as well as the more traditional style of chanting and rote learning. We aim to capture and encourage all styles and modes of learning to nurture a child’s confidence.

 Singapore Maths Teaching Videos for Parents

We have added the following videos produced by 'Maths-No Problem' to help parents understand Singapore Maths, as they demonstrate the principles of how we teach maths at All Saints' Primary School.

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